Count On Me 

Hillsboro Area Hospital released the Count On Me campaign in January of 2018 to highlight some of its talented, caring, and compassionate staff who work hard to create a high-quality and personalized healthcare experience for the patients in the communities we serve. The hospital’s dedicated healthcare team are responsible for making Hillsboro Area Hospital’s designation as a top performing hospital and one of St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Top Workplace Award for the past four consecutive years, as well as touching each of our patients with empathy and continuous focus to ensure a successful experience at Hillsboro Area Hospital. The staff members featured are not the only ones making a difference at Hillsboro Area Hospital, nevertheless, enjoy what makes their “why” unique as they pursue excellence.

Count On Sami Eisentraut. As a registered nurse on Hillsboro Area Hospital’s highly skilled surgical team, she takes pride in being a patient advocate. She put herself in her patients’ shoes to understand and communicate their needs better. She also feels valued as an employee, which translates to her taking better care of her patients. Count on Sami to create a comforting atmosphere for her patients in the community she loves.

Count On Megan Reams. As a member of Teamwork Rehab’s talented team of physical therapists, she focuses on aquatic therapy. Exercising in a buoyant environment decreases the stress on joints and allows strengthening exercises to be performed with less discomfort. To increase the quality of care she can provide for her patients, Megan has been attending training to enhance her knowledge of aquatic treatments and diagnoses that respond best to aquatic therapy. Count on Megan to strengthen and heal your body after an injury.

Count On Greg Pollman. Greg makes a difference in the lives of the people in his community as a physical therapist at Teamwork Rehab in Nokomis. He is passionate about getting people back to where they were before an injury because he wants to help them get to a better quality of life. Greg and the other staff have roots in the community, which he believes makes a significant difference in the quality of care for their patients. Count on Greg to get you back on your feet.

Count On Kayleigh Boudrant. As a registered nurse, she takes pride in caring for her community at HAH, where she truly feels she has a purpose, the work she does is worthwhile, and that she has the opportunity to make a difference every day. She has a passion for helping others and believes that HAH creates an environment where the primary focus is providing the best care to each patient, every time. Count on Kayleigh for a personalized healthcare experience.

Count On Gloria Weller. Gloria finds great joy in helping people, so she became a companion at Tremont Ridge. She enjoys making a difference in residents’ experiences by treating them as if they were her own parents or grandparents. Gloria enjoys Tremont Ridge’s peaceful environment and staff who work together well to treat every patient with the care and respect they deserve. Count on Gloria for high quality, compassionate care at Tremont Ridge.

Count on Carrie Shaake. As a registered nurse at Hillsboro Area Hospital, she is constantly thinking about how to be better for her patients; for example, by finding and providing a rare medication to treat ALS. She believes it is incredible to be one of the first places in the US to administer the medication. Carrie is proud to serve the community at Hillsboro Area Hospital where she can give her patients a personal touch. Count on Carrie to make a difference in your healthcare experience.

Count On Alicia Rademacher. As a Laboratory Technician on Hillsboro Area Hospital’s highly skilled laboratory team, she takes pride in completing the tests necessary to help doctors provide the best treatment to their patients. She chose to be a medical laboratory scientist because it combines her love for science with her desire to help people. Alicia knew that she wanted to work in a rural hospital because she can build relationships with her patients. Hillsboro Area Hospital’s advanced and competitive technology allows her to make a difference every day. Count on Alicia to help you get the treatment you need.

Count On Jane Johnson. She works in Hillsboro Area Hospital’s Imaging Department, specifically in Mammography. Her passion is to provide the best care possible by keeping her patients informed and calm. Jane is proud of HAH’s high-level technology that assists her in the care she is able to provide. Count on Jane to make you feel at home so that you can heal quickly.

Count On Kim Blankenship. She is a polysomnography technologist at Hillsboro Area Hospital and conducts sleep studies. Kim enjoys helping her patients through every step of the way due to Hillsboro Area Hospital’s personalized care experience. Some of her most rewarding experiences are when she sees her patients in public and they not only recognize her but tell her that they are sleeping better. Count on Kim to help you have a more restful sleep.

Count On Heather Lessman. As a registered nurse and supervisor in Hillsboro Area Hospital’s ER department, she works hard to maintain the ER’s high ratings by providing the people in her community focused, quality care. Heather went back to school after earning a degree in communications because she felt a calling to be a nurse and it was important to her to take care of her hometown. Count On Heather to be focused on patient, staff, and community success.

Count On Me, Dr. Andrew Ott. As a podiatrist at Hillsboro Area Hospital, I am devoted to helping the community that raised me by using my diverse skills to fill a special need. After receiving the highest score in the country on the American Board of Podiatric Medicine exam, I have devoted my practice to helping people by using my qualifications in sports medicine, fracture care, podiatric dermatology, and wound and diabetic foot care. Count on me to provide high-quality, personal podiatry care to my community.

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