Amanda was born and raised on a dairy farm just outside of Nokomis. Although she no longer does the milking or other chores, the farm is still very much a part of Amanda’s life. Her husband Chris works there. She and Chris have three children (Madelyn (8), Tucker (5), and Taelyn (3)), plus a baby boy due in October.

Amanda loves the work she does at Hillsboro Area Hospital. She’s only been in her position as Performance Excellence, Internal Champion for ten months, but previous to the new assignment, she was a respiratory therapist at the hospital for 14 years.

“I love this new position,” she says. “I love to motivate people. I also really enjoy sharing my passion for our mission, vision, and values and for making a difference.”

Like any job, this one has its challenges, especially since this role has existed for less than a year, but Amanda is more than willing to tackle them head-on. “One challenge it presents is to see things from a different perspective. Part of the job is getting to interact with our patients as I seek to find out what makes their experience the best it can be. It’s challenging, but very rewarding.”

In her career, Amanda is most proud of her ability to change the world, one person at a time. In her family life, the avid scrapbooker is most proud of her children. When not at work, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find Amanda playing with her kids back on the farm.

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