"Every person. Every test. Every employee matters here."

Scott has plenty of experience in healthcare from his time in the military and at the Red Cross and he decided to come back to a high-performing hospital in the Midwest to continue making a difference. 

Scott's career began at the Red Cross, where he says it's the most "stringent place [he's] worked in policy and procedure." His time there provided him insight into how easily mistakes can be made and the importance of triple checking...and then checking again. During his work with the military in research, he learned critical organization skills. He believes that it's one of the most important skills to have because people who work in the Lab often have many tests they need to complete, so organization skills help them complete those correctly.

Scott had initially worked in the military for research, but he enjoyed the people side of his work too much that he moved back to Laboratory work. We are proud of Scott because he "[s] to teach people because [he] want[s] to engage them in their own healthcare." Scott likes to make sure they have an understanding of why they're receiving a lab test. "I feel like it's important because I also want to make my patients feel confident in my ability." 

"I live an hour away and this is where I'd bring my family. It's amazing to see it all work here at Hillsboro Area Hospital," Scott said when being interviewed about his time here. "We are a critical access hospital and we are outperforming other hospitals in employee engagement and patient care. Everything that we do here is potentially life-changing."

We agree, Scott, and are proud that our organization's values have shown in our operations. Thank you for making a difference at Hillsboro Area Hospital.


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