Be the Light 

Join your neighbors on Friday, April 10 from 7-8 pm, for Be The Light at Hillsboro Area Hospital. You are welcome to visit the hospital in your parked car with your windows rolled up to pray for the hospital staff and other local medical professionals who are working on the front lines.

We ask that you:

  • Stay in your car with your windows up
  • Do NOT honk your horns
  • Turn on the hazard lights in your vehicle to spread the light
  • Stay as long as you’d like, but then safety make your way off campus so another car may take your spot
  • Pray for or think about the healthcare workers on the front lines
  • Keep intersections, pathways, and emergency lanes clear

There will be representatives on-site to help direct traffic. Please reference the map to see approved routes and parking spaces!

Thank you to Holly Lemons for this idea and for organizing these efforts. We think it is a great way to spread a little joy, come together while still social distancing, and honor our incredible health care team during this time.

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