HAH is Recognized at Studer Group's "What's Right in Health Care" Conference

Studer Group - an international healthcare-focused consulting firm - recognized Hillsboro Area Hospital and its hardworking team for two awards related to excellent employee engagement at the annual What's Right in Health Care conference on Wednesday, August 29th in Nashville, TN. The Excellence in Employee Engagement and Spotlight Poster Award Employee Engagement awards were received by eight team members who attended the event. (Pictured Below)

The poster display that received recognition was about HAH's employee engagement and was presented during the "Spotlight Poster Lunch" on the first day of the conference. Attendees were impressed by HAH's 96% engagement score and 100% participation rate in the employee satisfaction surveys. Book clubs, skills Labs, TDI’s, and more have been implemented as tools for HAH's team members to utilize to increase engagement and personal development. "Your engagement to our culture and the compassion you have for our patients has made our hospital top notch! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE - thank you!" commented Amanda Payne, Performance Excellence Internal Champion. 

The WRIHC conference stretched over three days featuring inspirational presenters who spoke on how to create and develop a foundation in health care to make a difference for patients. "We are constantly and continuously trying to make ourselves better - to better meet the needs of our physician, team members, and patients and we are not alone in this journey to excellence! ... [C]oming back to share what you heard, saw, and took in with the rest of the team here, knowing that we can excel and take some of these ideas and make them great in our own HAH way!" said Payne. 

HAH has been recognized for other awards by the Studer Group, including CEO Rex Brown who was inducted into the Fire Starter Hall of Fame in 2017. 


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