Visitors: Hillsboro Area Hospital Needs Your Help!

Please help keep our patients, employees, your family, and our community safe. How?
  • Please wear a mask and social distance. 
  • When needing services at the hospital, please be aware of the following; 
    • We are caring for some very sick patients and some may be contagious.  We do not want you to get sick, as your loved one will need your help when they are sent home.
    • Honor our no visitor policy; it has been put into place to prevent the spread of COVID in our community. We promise to keep you informed about the status of your loved one.
    • It is very difficult at times to find an available hospital to transfer critically ill patients.  In some cases, we may have to call up to 30 hospitals to find an available bed.  This all takes time and verifies that COVID-19 is overwhelming the healthcare system. Even non-COVID transfers are difficult. 
    • We understand that everyone is stressed related to the changes COVID-19 has caused, but please, be kind to our employees; they are working long hard hours in very difficult circumstances. 

Thank you for helping us provide the safest care possible to our community.  


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