Getting to Know Kelsey and Pediatric Therapy at Hillsboro Area Hospital

By Kelsey Flack

My name is Kelsey Flack and I have been a licensed Occupational Therapy Assistant since January 2016. I graduated from Lincoln Land Community College with an associate’s degree in Applied Science of Occupational Therapy. I have worked in the rural school districts of Pana, Hillsboro, Nokomis, and Morrisonville as well as a nursing home. I have been working at Hillsboro Area Hospital since 2017.

 Pediatrics is my primary focus at Hillsboro Area Hospital, but I also assist with inpatient and adult outpatient as well as offering activities to patients in our swing bed unit. My favorite part of my job is being able to provide pediatric occupational therapy services so close to home. Having Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy services in our rural community provides flexibility for parents. Local therapy options allow parents and caregivers to stay close to home rather than driving to Springfield, Edwardsville, or even St. Louis. 

During our treatments, I work with children on fine motor skills, visual motor and perceptual skills, sensory-motor skills, and self-care tasks including feeding and dressing. A child’s main occupation is to play and here at HAH that is just what we do! Through play, children gain independence in many skills including social, fine motor, and gross motor to assist them throughout their life.  

I enjoy providing parents with strategies and activities to work on at home to carry-over into our therapy sessions. Angie Legendre, the Occupational Therapist at HAH, and I work closely together to develop goals that are meaningful to the child and the parent. Hillsboro Area Hospital embodies a sense of community. My co-workers and I often get to work with surrounding school districts to provide local playgroups. My team also works closely to host individual playgroups hosted in the evening by TeamWork Rehab. 

Working with children can take time to gain progress but each day offers new chances to grow. Being able to work with a child to achieve a goal is so rewarding. We embrace each gain and love seeing the progress that children on our programs make. Working in an outpatient setting really allows me to work directly with parents while listening to and understanding their concerns. It is important for caregivers and me to work closely together to create a trusting relationship to meet the needs of the child.

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