Public Viewing of Hospital Standard Charges

The Requirement for Transparency of Hospital Charges Rule in the Affordable Care Act requires all hospitals to make public their standard charges for items and services provided by the hospital.

The Requirement for Transparency of Hospital Charges Rule is intended to assist patients in understanding their potential financial liability for services that they wish to obtain at our hospital and to allow them the ability to compare prices for similar services at other hospitals. 

We support legislation as it takes steps to providing pricing transparency for health care consumers.

However, the source of the prices are hospital charge masters. These hospital charge masters are lengthy and complex documents whose information is not easy to understand. In an attempt to make the list easier to understand, the list we prepared for you is in alphabetic order.

You may contact the hospital’s Business Office to speak with a patient account representative at 217-532-4203.

Click Here for Hospital Standard Charges Document

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