Thank you to our patients for all of your wonderful compliments!


Belinda's Life-Saving Emergency Room Experience at HAH

Belinda arrived at Hillsboro Area Hospital's Emergency Room room with moments to spare before her airways would completely close. The Emergency Room team sprang into action after they heard Belinda knocking on the door, blue in the face and barely able to take another step. They knew what was happening when they rolled her into the room; Belinda was going into anaphylactic shock. 

Earlier that day, Belinda noticed a rash spreading up her arm. By the time she was driving home from work, it had reached her throat and she felt her airways closing. Belinda raced down Highway 16 to make it to Hillsboro Area Hospital on time. She reflected, "I have children and family who are very grateful that I'm here. I had a five-minute window between life and death and five minutes was all I needed to be on your doorstep."

"To have a small community hospital that can jump into action is very beneficial. You don't know your time window and it is comforting to know that I can be at Hillsboro Area Hospital in minutes."

We are thankful you were able to reach us in time, Belinda, and are delighted to have provided your care. 


Carol Receives High-Quality Care at HAH

Personal, comfortable, and flexible were the adjectives Carol used to describe Hillsboro Area Hospital. As a hospice volunteer who has lived in metropolitan areas, Carol has experienced many different healthcare facilities. 

"Hillsboro Area Hospital slows things down. It's not chaotic. It has very professional, patient people that cared about my comfort and health," Carol remarked after being asked about the difference between Hillsboro Area Hospital and other facilities. "Everyone said their name and remembered me from my past appointments. It is very personal."

Carol was receiving treatment to secure a diagnosis of her health issues. She appreciated that Hillsboro Area Hospital explained her care thoroughly and took time to ask if she understood what was happening. She also felt comfortable when the nurses told her, "when you're ready, just let us know," because it took the pressure off of her departure time. 

"I was able to get in quickly, and they even provided multiple times so I could pick which one was most convenient for me. It has happened the past three times; No change in the experience," Carol said.

A consistent high-quality experience is what Hillsboro Area Hospital strives for and we are happy to have provided Carol that level of personal care.


Tim Receives Lifesaving, Personal Care at HAH

For Tim, it began with a slight chest pain during lunch. The pain and tightness intensified until his neighbor rushed him to Hillsboro Area Hospital's Emergency Room where he received tests to determine that he was undergoing a heart attack. Tim was then airlifted to HSHS St. John's Hospital in Springfield where he immediately went into surgery. 

"The ER Staff at Hillsboro Area Hospital saved my life," and "prevented long-term damage to my heart," Tim said after sharing his story. Tim felt his experience was particularly special because he received the critical access care that saved his life from Felicia, Kurt, and Laura (among others), who are people Tim knows outside of his ER trip. "It made me feel good to know the people working on me and reduced my worry because I know they'll take care of me like family," Tim said.


Other anonymous compliments from our patients.

  • “Everyone is really nice and made me feel comfortable and like I didn’t have to worry.”
  • “Everyone has been so helpful, kind and supportive. They are very knowledgeable and patient. I’m so glad I found you! I received first rate five-star services!”
  • “Marianne was very warm and welcoming which helped to decrease our anxiety before the procedure.”
  • "I felt anxious before my procedure, but the staff at Hillsboro Area Hospital put me at ease from the time I walked in the front door." 

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