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Sleep Clinic

To Schedule an Appointment

Without adequate sleep, performing at your best can be very difficult.  Sleep disorders often have many negative effects on your body, not to mention cause disruption in your life. Many report a decrease in work productivity, low energy and problems staying alert during the day and while driving to name just a few.

Not only does lack of sleep increase your chance of an auto accident, it also can cause high blood pressure, weight gain, headaches and can even increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Three-Quarters of adults report at least one symptom of a sleep problem. These can range from snoring to frequent waking during the night, problems falling asleep and even sleep walking.  

Today, more than half of all adults report feeling tired during the day and over seven million people have had an accident or near accident because they were too tired behind the wheel.

In our State-of -Art Sleep Lab, we evaluate patients for:
· sleep apnea
· restless leg syndrome
· snoring
· insomnia
· REM behavior disorder
· periodic limb movement

We provide a very comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Patients are monitored with non-invasive, painless sensors. These electrodes/sensors monitor: brain activity, eye movement, muscle activity, breathing, Oxygen level and heart rate. After completion of the sleep study, the specialist will interpret your study and report, making recommendations based on your individual findings, which will be forwarded to your ordering practitioner.

There is help and hope for those who believe they have a sleep disorder.  Call 217-532-4176 to speak to a representative who can assist you in scheduling a comprehensive sleep study.

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