Administrative Office

Michael Alexander
President and Chief Executive Officer

Tommi Cline
Chief Nursing Officer

Katie Duncan
Vice President of Human Resources

Theresa Rapp
Vice President of Outpatient Services

Ashley Smith
Vice President of Quality and Support Services

Directors & Managers

  • Cathy Blankenship, Manager, Nutritional Services
  • Kayleigh Bondurant, Director, Infection Control and Performance Improvement
  • Abby Bugg, Director, Therapy Services
  • Glenda Darst, Director, Ambulatory Services 
  • Sarah Eller, Executive Director, Assisted Living 
  • Stephanie Ellis, Director, Finance 
  • Claire Eskew, Director, Marketing and Community Services
  • Edith Dagan, Director, Imaging 
  • Ashley Fuchs, Assistant Director, Inpatient Services
  • Alayna Hutchison, Director, Emergency Services
  • Heather Lessman, Senior Director, Patient Care Services
  • Alicia Murzynski, Director, Laboratory Operations
  • Craig Province, Director, Plant Operations
  • Mandy Sebeschak, Director, Respiratory Therapy
  • Julie Smith, Director, Surgical Services
  • Sheri Trexler, Director, Risk Management
  • Geoff Trost, Director, Information Technology
  • Melissa VanGiesen, Manager, Out-Patient Rehabilitation
  • John Weiss, Director, Pharmacy

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