"Every day we ask 'How can I help you?'"

Julie Smith is the Assistant Director of the Surgery Department. Her role is to coach all of the nurses and scrub team to work as a seamless team, so patients have an excellent experience.

"Every day we ask each other 'How can I help you?'" Julie said. The surgery team feels like each other's family because they are always working with the same seven members. "I think that sets us apart because we can anticipate each other's needs. We know each other's strengths and where we need help."

Julie promotes teamwork because she believes that it means everything in healthcare. Particularly for patient safety and comfort. She also believes the culture of collaborative and strong teamwork is built in the core values of the hospital. "It is encouraged and exemplified by our leaders, so we are expected to perform at that level at all times."

And Julie's favorite part about her role at HAH; "We are a small community, so we are serving our neighbors. This builds a culture of family because we know and care for our community."

Thanks for the hard work and dedication you and your team demonstrate for our patients each day, Julie! 

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