"I enjoy teaching and working with my patients to improve their health and well-being."

Kris always enjoyed exercising and learning about the muscles and their functions when she was in college. This led her to a career in physical therapy at TeamWork Rehab in Hillsboro and Nokomis. She's most proud of her therapy department's teamwork and patient interaction. They are willing to help one another out and work well together to provide the best experience they can for the patients.

"Our team gives every patient personalized care, which may include answering their questions, concerns, and fears, which go beyond the actual physical therapy treatment." 

She believes that Hillsboro Area Hospital and Teamwork Rehab are special because of the knowledgeable physical therapist staff with many years of experience, top-notch technology in the MRI/Imaging department, and the swing bed service where patients are able to recover close to home.

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