It All Adds Up 

Hillsboro Area Hospital released the Count On Me campaign in 2019 to highlight a few of the teams that make Hillsboro Area Hospital a great place to receive care. These highlighted teams, and all teams at HAH, are dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare for our patients. We are proud of our team and the everyday activities they do to make sure each of our patients receives personalized healthcare. 

The hospital’s dedicated healthcare team are responsible for making Hillsboro Area Hospital’s designation as a top-performing hospital and one of St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Top Workplace Award for the past five consecutive years, as well as touching each of our patients with empathy and continuous focus to ensure a successful experience at Hillsboro Area Hospital. 

Hi, this is Dr. Ott, Podiatrist at Hillsboro Area Hospital. Kristin, Dana, and I are committed to providing excellent healthcare by supporting each other as teammates and effectively communicating with each other and our patients. Offering podiatry care and surgeries from a full-time specialist is unique to a rural community. HAH’s smaller size, allows us to provide personalized care for each and every patient. The Podiatry team’s commitment to excellence adds up to quality healthcare at HAH.

Hi, this is Greg, a certified physical therapist at TeamWork Rehab where we strive to provide personalized care. Our knowledgeable team members communicate with the patient about how they’re feeling in order to respond to their needs during each session. When building a plan to meet our patients’ goals, we collaborate using our years of experience. To us, the patient is the most important team member when providing care. The TeamWork Rehab teams’ patient-centered care adds up to quality healthcare at HAH.

Hi, this is Julie Smith, the Assistant Director of the Surgery Department at Hillsboro Area Hospital. To us, teamwork looks like a family. This family-like bong sets us apart because we are able to anticipate each other’s needs to better serve our patients and community. We believe seamless teamwork is a must for patient safety and comfort. The surgery teams’ commitment to excellence adds up to quality healthcare at HAH.

Hi. This is Dr. Ott, a podiatrist at Hillsboro Area Hospital, and I’m Paula, a member of the Surgery team at HAH. The Podiatry team and Surgery team oftentimes work hand in hand to help our patients receive the highest level of care possible. We are able to offer top-notch service because we work as a team. We are committed to providing our patients with a straightforward care plan that will get them back to their daily routines as quickly as possible. The Podiatry team and the Surgery team provides care you can count on at Hillsboro Area Hospital.

Hi, this is Breanna, Speech Therapist, and I’m Morgan, a Pediatric Physical Therapist, of TeamWork Rehab at Hillsboro Area Hospital. Each patient we see has a unique set of needs. No two patients will grow from the exact same care plan. Both of our teams take the time to get to know our clients, their needs, and their goals. We are focused on our patients and design plans to help them develop, recover, and progress. At TeamWork Rehab, we take great pride in providing specialized care for our patients Hillsboro Area Hospital

Hello, this is Melissa VanGiesen, the TeamWork Rehab athletic trainer for the State Qualifying Hillsboro High School Women’s Basketball Team. Hillsboro Area Hospital supports Hillsboro High School athletics by providing athletic training for sports teams. I was courtside helping our girls play in their peak physical condition so that we could compete with the best in the state consolation finals. Hillsboro Area Hospital’s commitment to the community adds up to quality healthcare.

Hi, this is Trinity Flowers, the Imaging team supervisor at Hillsboro Area Hospital. When building my team, I look for people committed to providing quality care and developing relationships with patients. We strive to provide compassionate, personalized care using clear communication and collaboration amongst our team. The Imaging team’s commitment to excellence adds up to quality healthcare at HAH.

Hi. This is Mallory, an Emergency Department R.N. at Hillsboro Area Hospital. Now more than ever, we are here to serve our community. From illnesses to ailments, we are prepared to offer you the care you need. If you are in need of urgent or immediate care, we are here to help. Acting quickly in an emergency is vital. You can count on our team to provide you with prompt service. This is Mallory, and my team and I are here to serve you at Hillsboro Area Hospital.

Hi. This is Andy, a Maintenance Worker at Tremont Ridge and I’m Brenda, a member of the Transitional team at HAH. Both of our teams work to keep our patients as comfortable as possible during their long-term care. Transitional care, also known as Swing Bed, helps patients recover while having 24/7 access to medical professionals. The team at Tremont Ridge offers residents a comfortable, safe, and community-based environment to live in. Both of our teams provide care you can count on at Hillsboro Area Hospital and Tremont Ridge.

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