David A. Imler Initiative expands to include Strengthening Families Program

For the past two years, Hillsboro Area Hospital embarked on a mission to bring mental health programming to children and families. So far, school-based programs called Sources of Strength and the Blues Program have been introduced into the community. Hillsboro Area Hospital is now pleased to announce a third program will be coming that can reach the county at large called the Strengthening Families Program. Existing and new programming will be supported by the COVID-19 School Wellness Initiative (Illinois) grant awarded through the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation and the Hillsboro Area Health Foundation.

The Strengthening Families Program is a series of group classes for parents and youth between 7 to 17 years old. This program reduces behavioral, emotional, academic, and social struggles in youth by increasing family resilience, strengthening family relationships, and supporting parenting skills. To complete this program, families will participate in up to 14 weekly sessions. During the weekly sessions, families in the program will have a meal provided for them. In addition, families can take advantage of services to watch little ones so that parents can participate in the program with their older children.  

Support from the community is essential for programs like Strengthening Families to be successful. Bringing this program to Montgomery County would not be possible without collaboration with Cross Over Ministries, which is providing the space and trainers. SIU School of Medicine will also continue to provide support. It is exciting news to have this new resource in Montgomery County, which is evidence-based, tested in both urban and rural communities, and already in over 35 countries. If you would like more information about these services, please contact Lynette Weiss, Cross Over Ministries, 217-608-0266 or find details at https://www.crossovernfp.com/strengthfam.html

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