Where and When Can I Receive an MRI?

This 3-part blog will address the questions many patients have about MRI scans; what is an MRI, why do I need an MRI, where can I get an MRI and when are they open?  In this second section, we'll address the "Where" and the "When" of MRI.

 Where Can I get an MRI?

You can receive an MRI right here at Hillsboro Area Hospital!

Hillsboro Area Hospital first opened its state of the art MRI suite in 2013 and we've been scanning strong ever since.

We have had many success stories with patients who have claustrophobia.  Claustrophobia is a real concern for many patients when having an MRI. Because the MRI scan can take between 30 to 60 minutes, a claustrophobic patient can begin to feel uncomfortable while lying in the machine.

Many claustrophobic patients will ask for an "Open" MRI.  Unfortunately, the image quality of the "Open" is not as good as the image quality of the "Closed-Bore" MRI scanners. At HAH, we have a Wide - Bore scanner. This is not an open scanner, but a wider opening which allows the patient to feel that they have more room to move, which in turn makes them feel less anxious.

Our CaringSuite MRI allows our patients to choose a theme for display while they have their MRI.  This theme creates colored lighting on wall panels and soothing video clips will play on a screen above their heads. This screen is visible during certain exams. 

Patients can listen to music of their choice during their MRI scan.

Patients are given a ball to squeeze if they experience any discomfort.  They are in direct communication with the MRI technologist at all times, as well as being in the direct line of sight. We can see and hear you at all times. 

Patients are allowed to have someone stand in the room with them to make them feel more comfortable and can have some sort of physical contact with that person. You may be able to hold their hand, or they can keep a hand on your knee. 

Note: if you bring a support person with you, they must be safe to enter the MRI environment (we'll address that in the "HOW" section of our blog).

 When can I get an MRI?

The MRI department at Hillsboro Area Hospital is open during the hours of 8a-4:30p, Monday - Friday.

However, our MRI team recognizes that you are the most important part of what we do here at HAH.  This means if you need an MRI after hours, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  Please feel free to call for special availability at 217-532-4196.

Things to know about scheduling your MRI:

  1. You must have an order from a doctor or other practitioner (nurse practitioner, physician's assistant).
  2. You will usually require precertification from your insurance.  Your doctor's office usually reaches out to your insurance for this information, but you can check with your insurance directly if you would like to do so.
  3. You will need to be safe to enter the MRI environment. Click here for details on MRI safety.

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