Public Viewing of Hospital Standard Charges

At Hillsboro Area Hospital, we agree that transparency about the cost of health care is important, and we support legislation as it takes steps to providing pricing transparency for health care consumers. 

Obtain a Cost Estimate

For the most accurate estimate of the cost of care, patients can contact a Hillsboro Area Hospital patient account representative at 217-532-4203 for assistance in understanding the charges and related costs for a procedure or visit.  Please refer to our Patient Billing page for additional information.

Standard Charges

To improve price transparency, all U.S. hospitals and health systems are required to provide lists of standard hospital charges, also called a chargemaster, so patients can compare prices across hospitals. These hospital charge masters are lengthy and complex documents whose information is not easy to understand.  In an attempt to make the list easier to understand, the list we prepared for you is in alphabetic order.  Note that the actual price that patients pay depends on the particular insurance company, policy coverage, deductible, and coinsurance. 

Download Hospital Charge Description Master/Price Listing 

Click Here to view several resources to help patients understand and compare costs under the newest price transparency rules.


The estimate cannot be relied on as the final set cost for services you may receive since actual expenses can and will vary from patient to patient depending upon your physician’s treatment choices and your particular health care needs.

Your out of pocket costs for these services are based on several factors, including your insurance plan deductible, co-payment, and co-insurance amounts, and how much of your out of pocket maximum and deductible have been met to date this year. This amount may vary slightly, depending on actual services you receive.

You may also receive bills from other medical specialty services that you may use during your visit with us, including but not limited to Family Practice Physician charges, Radiology and Cardiology reading fees, and Pulmonology, Surgeon and Anesthesia professional fees. Charges from these medical specialists will be billed separately to you and your insurance carrier.  You can download the Separate Billing Information Document from our Financial Assistance page for more specific details.

The estimate above is not a quote nor a guarantee of the charges for a service or the amount that you will owe. If you have insurance, your insurance policy coverage (including deductibles, co-pay, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums) will determine the amount you owe.

If you have additional questions regarding patient charges, please contact our Business Office at 888-213-0460 to speak with a patient account representative. 

In compliance with the CMS Price Transparency rules taking effect on 01/01/2021 (CMS Price Transparency), please click the link below to view a full list of Hospital charges:

Resources to Help Understand and Compare Costs

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