Preparing for Surgery 

Thank you for choosing to have your surgery performed at Hillsboro Area Hospital. Because patient safety, comfort and satisfaction come first, here are some important details to help you prepare for your surgery and recovery.

  • A surgery coordinator will contact you to assist in the completion of necessary paperwork. This ensures pre-admitting details are taken care of before your arrival.
  • You may be required to have lab work and/or an imaging exam prior to your procedure.
  • Your surgical coordinator will provide any special pre-surgery instructions.
  • Download printable instructions for patients receiving general, regional or IV sedation. 
Day of surgery:
  • The front desk will help with any final registration paperwork.
  • Your surgical coordinator and pre-op nurse will prep you for surgery, making sure you are as comfortable as possible.
  • You will meet the anesthesia provider as well as your surgeon before going into the operating room, and they will go over the details of your procedure and answer any questions.
  • Your surgeon will meet with your family to discuss outcomes, if authorized, while you are taken to the post-anesthesia recovery area.
  • Once you are fully awake, you will either be discharged or admitted to the inpatient floor depending on your procedure.
  • Upon discharge, you will receive detailed instructions for your recovery, including: proper diet, activity limitations, pain control, when to follow up with your doctor and any other information related to your procedure and recovery.

Preparing Your Child for Surgery

A visit to the hospital, especially for a surgery, can be a frightening experience for a child. Here are some tips to help ease fears and get your child prepared for his or her visit:

  • Talk to your child about going to the hospital. Be honest about what they might expect, but don’t give them more information than they may be able to handle or understand. Feeling overwhelmed may increase anxiety.
  • Take a pre-op class through Hillsboro Area Hospital. Included in the class is a tour of the facility, so you and your child can see the places where he or she will receive care. Classes are available Monday – Friday. Call 217-532-4167 to schedule a time.
  • We encourage children to bring a special toy or blanket to help them feel more secure and comfortable in the unusual environment.

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